Design Matrix

Interior Design + Architecture

design is thinking Made visual

Design Matrix Interiors is built on the foundation of clarity, aesthetics, structure and values.A multidisciplinary working studio, incorporated in the year 2000, has been forging creativity which stimulates everyone in the team to become a well-directed part of the whole and yet something absolutely unique.

why us

We help you design the project you want.

Our design studio is home to a family of 3 Directors, Ruby Khanna,Zubin Master, Suleiman Bhanji and  and 40 other individuals who work towards giving an unexpected touch, which intrigues the senses, often based on a strong concept and vision.

20 years of experience 50%
Satisfied Clients 95%
More than 500 projects and still counting 73%
Work Ethics
Design structure and values 74%
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